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ATa PEO is a long-standing PEO company with years of experience in placing and relocating people around the World. We understand the needs of all our clients and make sure our solutions are best fitted with your activity

Private Clients.

People which activity requires them to be in-country but are not employed by a local company, Digital Nomads, freelancers. People wishing to get a foot in a foreign country or simply people working remotely and looking for a foreign country to base themselves


Auto-entrepreneurs, people with a legal entity in their home country but wish to conduct business in a foreign country, people looking to or in the process to create a business in a foreign country and need a temporary solution to stay in-country, or people scouting for business opportunities

Professional Firms.

Established companies, SMEs, big corporations, and Start-Ups which activity requires them to send staff abroad without having a legal entity in target countries, or wishing to expand their activity and do business in a foreign country at minimal cost

Great benefits from ATa PEO.

Working with ATa PEO, it’s the assurance of a fast, painless and stress-free

relocation/expansion at competitive prices

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Our prices are among the most affordable worldwide

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No hidden fees, terms, or complicated clauses

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