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ATa PEO is a long-standing PEO company with years of experience in placing and relocating people around the World. We understand the needs of all our clients and make sure our solutions are best fitted with your activity

Why partnering?

As PEO companies, our role is to enable everyone to work anywhere they want. However, we ourselves do not always have solutions or expertise in some of the countries. If you have clients needing to relocate to a country out of your scope, we, as a partner, can help you and your client.

What’s in for you? Instead of simply redirecting your potential client to another entity, referring them to a PEO Partner keeps them in your portfolio. And because we only work on mutually beneficial partnerships, you also get your fair share of the profit. This also means that when we have clients out of our scope of expertise, we refer them to you.

Our Values.

At ATa PEO, we strive to help both our clients and our PEO partners. Years of business and experience have taught us that a sustainable company needs to be true to its core values

Customer first

Our Priority is You


10+ Years of Experience


No Shortcuts


10+ Years of Experience

Expand your reach

Be present where you don’t yet have a foothold.

Our structure and network give us the ability to propose to you and your clients fitting PEO solutions all over the world. Working with us is the guarantee to answer your clients’ needs and safeguard your reputation

Mutual Referals

When needed, we refer our clients to our trusted partners.

In the event our clients need solutions outside of our expertise, we redirect them to our selected partners. This ensures a mutually beneficial partnership and benefits both our clients and our PEO partner.

Increase your revenue

We work together for mutual benefits.

We leverage years of experience and local know-how to help you get your client where they want to be, benefitting all parties. Our solutions can be set up through you, or directly with your referred client, our profits can be shared through mutually agreed fee structures or referral fees.

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